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About MK City Plumbing & Heating
MK City Plumbing & Heating is a family-run business based in Crownhill, Milton Keynes which was founded in 2009.

We know that if we do a fantastic job, you’ll invite us back and you’ll also recommend us to your friends, family and work colleagues. Our business thrives on your referrals and we aim to keep it that way!

Horizon have partnered with eEnergy a National provider of clean energy services to all public entities. We are delighted to partner with such a prestigious and dynamic company that has delivered so many successful projects for schools in the UK.

One of the many attractive features is the ability for Schools to use operating leases to pay for the Solar & LED requirements – with no upfront costs whatsoever. Find out more by contacting us today.

eEnergy empowers schools to reduce energy costs by up to 60% and move further and faster towards Net Zero with no upfront investment required. They have delivered over 1000 successful projects to help schools and colleges eliminate energy waste, deploy energy efficient technologies and generate and their own low-cost clean energy. We help schools cut costs and carbon in four ways:

Access low-cost clean energy through our digital procurement platform and energy management services.

Measure energy waste with granular data and insight on energy use.

Reduce energy use with energy efficiency solutions including LED lighting.

Connect sustainably with onsite solar energy generation and electric vehicle (EV) charging.