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Here are some of our frequently asked questions

The number of solar panels you can have fitted depends on a number of factors. The direction your roof faces and the size of your roof.

In order to give you an exact number of panels we’ll have to carry out a no obligation survey. From this survey we can calculate the number of solar panels and the amount of energy you can produce. We can then calculate how much you could save on your electric bills.
The feed in tariff ended on March 31st 2019. Solar installations after this date would not receive FiT payments.

You will however still be able to reduce your energy bill by using solar energy from your panels instead.
Unfortunately the property owner must give permission for solar panels to be fitted to the property. If you want to install solar panels you would need to contact your landlord.
We carry out both residential and commercial solar installations. If you have a large field or commercial property we can advise you and plan the installation and provide the contact between your supplier to ensure the installation meets their specific requirements.

We can install from 4kW to 50kW solar panel installations for domestic or commercial customers.
A basic solar panel installation costs from as little as £2,995 including installation. You can add any number of additional features like remote monitoring, battery storage, smart thermostat, EV charger point, each system is designed to your home’s specific energy needs.